I'm Chad, a freelance B2B blogger and copywriter for hire.

In need of some words? Don’t settle for mirage content.

Creating good content takes time and effort. Most people would do it themselves if they could, but they don’t have the time. That’s why I’m here for you.

My copywriting specializes in high-converting (not convertible! 🚗) content for small businesses in the form of landing pages, case studies, and general site content.

Check out some of my recent work.


I’m a millennial, so you know that my brain is half-machine and a database for memes. Writing content about internet culture, gadgets, software, and IT/Tech is hard-wired into me.

I’ve worked at a digital marketing agency, so I know what it takes to create:

  • SEO-rich blog posts.
  • Landing pages that convert.
  • Informative content with a touch of industry-related terminology and nuance.

Ready to get some work done?